Our MONSTERVERSE month continues as we get closer to Godzilla vs. Kong by moving away from that giant thing with a big roar to go towards that giant ape with a big roar by recapping the epic 2017 movie that is Kong: Skull Island. Why is this movie pretty epic? What is the point of Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson being in this film? Why is the action so awesome? Are we glad that people are finally reacting to a giant creature with a reaction that we would expect? How incredible is John C Reilly? How incredible is Samuel L Jackson? How incredible is John Goodman, and why is he not actually a villain? Can we finally appreciate Corey Hawkins? And are we team Kong or team Godzilla? Climb your way up a tree and be prepared to rip some guts out as we bring you another epic recap in our 999th epic episode!


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