Another week of ANNIVERSARY MONTH is here as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of one fun, underrated movie that isn’t a Ghostbusters movie in any way, Evolution! Why is this movie seemingly forgotten about? How amazing is Orlando Jones? Will Ben be able to sway Colin on his opinion of David Duchovny? Why on earth does Julianne Moore have to be so clumsy and so wasted? Is this movie just a tad too silly? What tone could have improved this? What parts of this movie don’t hold up 20 years later? Why are our heroes not actually the heroes? Should Head & Shoulders have been featured more prominently? Why is this movie just rehashing the end of Independence Day? And is this just one of the dumbest, most fun movies you will ever see? Get your googly moogly in order to listen to one hell of an episode, with lubricant!


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