It’s time for our first month of recaps for 2021 and we’re bringing back a popular month from last year as we once again go AUSTRALIA V CANADA month in looking at two classic Aussie films and two classic Canadian films to get you excited over the next four weeks! We kick things off today with a closer look at the severely underrated Aussie comedy that nobody seems to remember already, the 2018 film Swinging Safari! Why does Ben love this movie so much? Can Colin understand anything that is going on in this film? What do we think of the cast, and why are Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and Julian McMahon so awesome? Why is this movie so fast and does it take away from it? Is this movie even about anything? Should it have taken a different direction to make it make more sense? What Canadian reference is there that Colin randomly got excited about? And does Australian humour make sense to anybody that isn’t Australian? Get your sunblock on and get ready to blow up a whale in one hell of a ride!


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