Welcome to 2021 and welcome to our first review of the year as we bring you a SPOILER review of the movie that we waited and waited and waited for and now might have some differing opinions on, Wonder Woman 1984! Which host absolutely loved this movie and the other just doesn’t know how they feel? Does this movie deserve all the hate it has been getting or is there more to it? Why is Gal Gadot so awesome? Should this movie have been set in the 1980s or could they have set it at any point of history? Are there too many villains in this film that turn it into a bit of a Spider-Man 3 scenario? How do the boys feel about Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig? How do they feel about Chris Pine? And most importantly, does this movie change their overall Chris rankings? There’s a lot to unpack and a lot to get excited about is we start 2021 in style!


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