Christmas season begins as we do a Random Rewatch of Olive, The Other Reindeer, everyone’s favourite 90s Matt Groening production that is not The Simpsons or Futurama. Can Rossi successfully sum up this animated special in 10 words or less? How clever is the dialogue for a kids Christmas special? Why is this so forgotten considering how notable the creative team was, combined with a cast that includes Drew Barrymore, Joe Pantoliano, Dan Castellaneta, Jay Mohr, Peter MacNicol and Ed Asner? How much does Colin love Michael Stipe and the unofficial R.E.M song in this show? Does Olive actually fly or just get dragged through the sky? And why did we never get a sequel, or Martini spinoff? Put away all those fake angry letters to Santa, cause it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit and download our random recap of the Christmas classic that may still one day become a thing

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