It’s another EPIC week of our EPIC Brendan Fraser month as we go way back to 1994 to recap the classic movie that is Airheads! Why does Colin love this movie much? Why isn’t Ben as into this movie as Colin? Does this movie just have incredibly unlikeable characters? Why is this movie not actually accurate when it comes to the name? Is Adam Sandler the funniest person in this film? Is Steve Buscemi the only believable rocker in this movie? Why is Brendan Fraser’s character the most unredeemable of all the three main stars? How many characters in this movie are kind of pointless? Why can we relate this movie to The Adventures Of Pluto Nash? How great is the soundtrack? What random cameos can we appreciate? And why was 1994 such a great year for film? Click away and fart on a snare drum to get into another epic recap!


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