It’s time to get to a month that we have promised for years. A month that seemingly formed the sole purpose for us a podcast existing. The month that you have all waited so patiently for. IT’S BRENDAN FRASER MONTH! YAY! And what perfect way to start off than by recapping the 1997 smash hit that is George Of The Jungle! Why is Ben regretting not putting this movie in his top 50 movies of all time list? Does Colin remember this movie? Why is this movie still so good and able to hold up so well after all these years? How great is Leslie Mann, and did Ben remember which Leslie is the right Leslie to mention now? Why are the special effects being bad actually a good thing? Which random characters will we fall in love with this week? Why does Ben seemingly love Jamie a little too much this week? Why do Ben & Colin seemingly love Brendan Fraser a little too much this week? And why did it take us so damn long to this movie and this month? Get your vine out and swing in time as you join in for one amazing episode!


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