Halloween month continues as we take a drastic turn away from the Disney channel entry last week. This week we look at the 1996 collaboration between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino From Dusk Till Dawn. Is it a strength or weakness of this movie that it literally goes from crime drama to vampire movie out of nowhere? How hard is Colin working to convince Rossi that this movie is a classic? Are there any likeable characters in this movie? Is it the point to have no likeable characters? How brilliant is Juliette Lewis playing against type? How creepy is Tarantino, and why do we not even want to talk about how scummy he is? Is this a confusing choice as the first starring role of George Clooney’s movie career? And how can all the death and chaos in this movie have been avoided if Harvey Keitel wasn’t such a baby and need a real bed? Plant yourself down for our latest Halloween recap. Plants don’t talk. They download and listen.

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