We’re back for another DCEU movie in our DCEU month 2.0 as we take a look a the movie that is one hell of a movie, the 2018 blockbuster Aquaman. Just how many movies are in this one movie? Can we make sense of this movie? Is this movie just so bonkers it works? How great is Nicole Kidman? How great is Temuera Morrison? How great is Patrick Wilson? Why is the Pitbull song in this movie maybe the greatest thing in this movie? Is Black Manta underused and how awesome is his backstory? How did this movie not get nominated for an Oscar for visual effects? How great is Willem Dafoe? Do we like the octopus playing the drums? Something something trident? What about Jurassic Park? Julie Andrews? Okay…we’re lost. There is so much going on here, we need to catch up. So perhaps you need to listen to help us. That will help, we think…


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