It’s time to get back into another full month of movie recaps! Yay! And as we get excited for the latest DCEU movie Wonder Woman 1984, which after 23,958 delays will finally be released eventually, we are here to bring you our second ever DCEU month by recapping the film that made us do this month the first time back in 2017, Justice League! Do we still love this movie as much as we did when we reviewed it a few years back? What is pudge the fadge? How do we rate Jason Mamoa’s…uh…package? Why do we want to wear t-shirts with the acronym GSWTC? Why can’t we talk about Cyborg in this episode? Will the Snyder Cut be a good thing for this movie or a bad thing? And what potentially are we changing our name to after this episode? Get yourself some justice and make yourself a league as you pump yourself up for another great episode!

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