Another week of RENE RUSSO MONTH is here as we go back to the year that was 1992 to look at a little movie called Freejack that we’re sure is set to excite all our listeners! Just what happens in this movie? Can we work out what the plot is? Or what is going on through most of it? Why is Rene so good in this film even though she is kind of wasted? How does she never age? How great is it to talk about Emilio Estevez? What about Mick Jagger? Or Anthony Hopkins? Why does the idea of time travel just not even remotely work in this film? Why is the depiction of 2009 somewhat accurate? Is there a weird New Zealand reference that some people may not get? And how on earth are the Rolling Stones not featured at all in this film? It’s a movie that will get you overthinking as to what on earth you are actually watching, so get to it and get weirded out.

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