IT’S FINALLY HERE! The greatest month you will EVER know drops TODAY as we bring you RENE RUSSO MONTH! YAY! And what better way to start this off then by combining the QUEEN Rene Russo with the KING of Pierce Brosnan as we take a closer look at the 1999 film The Thomas Crown Affair! Just why is this movie so sexy? Seriously, it’s just pure sexy! Is Pierce Brosnan more attractive in this movie than any other movie we’ve seen him in? Does the same go for Rene Russo? And DENIS LEARY? Why was Colin so shocked about the nudity and how did he further his education in this film? Does Ben know anything about art? Or about anything in general? Do we appreciate the music in this film? Is it a better movie than Entrapment? And why do we like the ending even if it really doesn’t make any sense? Get your art flowing and your sexy in gear as we bring you one sexy recap for one sexy sexy movie.

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