What is this strange thing?!?! A MOVIE REVIEW!?!?!? WHAT ON EARTH?!?! In this wild world we live in that is 2020, it is a rare commodity to be able to do such a thing as a movie review, but we are to do exactly that as we bring you a special ‘crossover’ episode between our sister show EurOzvision and The Oz Network in reviewing the new Netflix Eurovision movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga! What does Colin think about a movie on a contest he really has no idea about? Can we all just agree that Rachel McAdams is a comedic actress and sort of always has been? How beautiful is Pierce Brosnan? Is it surprising that this movie actually has a lot of heart alongside the comedy? Why doesn’t Ben realise we’ve talked about Dan Stevens before? And is this movie a movie that continues the trend in 2020 of movies being much better than we thought they would be? Get yourself on a hamster will and ready to PLAY JAJA DING DONG in a movie that will have you singing for the rest of the week!

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