ANNIVERSARY MONTH is still here, as we bring you the newest movie on our list this year and recap the 2000 Keanu Reeves film The Replacements! Why are we so excited to cover this film? Can we enjoy this movie even though really it has so many problems? Why is Keanu Reeves just so damn likeable? How is the cast of this movie not praised more for just how good it is? Why isn’t Orlando Jones more of a thing and how can we make him more of a thing? Does the fact that this movie is loosely based off a true story make it better or worse? Why do we like Brett Cullen so much? How do we once again work out that the villains in this movie aren’t actually the villains? Do Ben & Colin even understand American Football? How did this movie cost so much money to make? And what will Ben & Colin do for only $3 a month? That’s all the big questions you will want answered by listening to this episode, so click on that button to do so and get entertained!


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