Are you missing The Amazing Race? Are you missing The Olympics? In the absence of both this Summer, we bring you an interview with The Amazing Race Canada host, and Olympic Gold Medalist from 2010 Skeleton, the one and only Jon Montgomery! How did Jon break into such an insane sport in his 20s, make it on Team Canada, and go onto win the Gold medal? How did he end up as host of The Amazing Race Canada, and what’s the story behind him participating in all of the challenges in his intros? What controversial recent team did Jon change his take on after seeing the season air? How does Jon think he would fair as a contestant on the show? And what’s the story behind Jon meeting his childhood hockey hero, and receiving a nice souvenir to remember it by? It’s an interview too big for just one show, so start by listening here, cause this is one interview you will be happy to be U-Turned on.


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