It’s time to begin one of our favourite months of the year as we get into ANNIVERSARY MONTH and celebrate films that are celebrating significant anniversaries in 2020! We kick things off with our tenth Arnold Schwarzenegger movie we have covered on this show, the 1990 hit Kindergarten Cop! Is this movie way darker than we remembered? How do we find so many different Arnie lines in his movies that aren’t funny but somehow are funny? How great is Pamela Reed? How great are the kids in this movie? Why does Ben want to visit Astoria so much? Who is Jenny and why should we be worried she is a serial killer? How is a line about tumours so funny? What is the deal with ponytails and why were they a thing in the 90s? Why is this movie so influential on other movies and TV shows that followed it? What does Manitoba have to do with anything in this episode? Why does Colin believe that bad people are good if they’re good parents? And what will we do in order to get Arnie into the same sentence as the words “Oscar buzz”? Get your tumours in order and your nursery rhymes practised as we bring you on one hell of a ride!

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