We’ve had disease, we’ve had blindfolds, we’ve had climate change, but now it’s time to really ramp up our END OF THE WORLD MONTH with some epic world destruction and recap the 2009 disaster epic that is 2012! Why is this movie the be all and end all of peak movie? Can Colin & Ben even remotely try and explain just what the plot is and what on earth is going on? Does Roland Emmerich need some therapy for his global destruction issues? Are there any likeable characters in this movie? Why would this movie improve if it had BD Wong in it? Has Ben learnt how to say Chiwetel Ejiofor yet? Is Colin too excited to be talking about Woody Harrelson again? How much does Amanda Peet suck? Why are we so angry watching the movie when we actually really like it? Why do we like all the so called villains and hate all the so calld heroes? Why does Adam Lambert have to be a thing at the end of the movie? And seriously, why does Amanda Peet suck so much? Get yourself destructing and in for a hell of a ride with one hell of a good bad movie!

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