It’s time to once again get into another END OF THE WORLD movie as we move into the newest movie we’re covering this month, the 2018 hit Bird Box! Does this movie live up to the hype a couple of years later? How much do we love Sandra Bullock? Can we enjoy this movie even though there are so many issues with it? How amazing is BD Wong and why are we excited to make him finally happen in Hollywood on a bigger scale? #BDWongInABox #MakeBDWongHappen #MakeBDWongGreatAgain #BDWongInTheHouse #MustBuyBDWong. How are there so many wasted actors in this movie? Who is Machine Gun Kelly? How great is Charlie? Why can’t they have a dog in the box? Is this movie even more relevant under current global circumstances? Why is living in a supermarket not a good idea? Why is shooting the breeze so funny? How great is Trevante Rhodes? Would Ben or Colin ever call their children boy or girl? And did Ben or Colin ever do the ‘Bird Box Challenge’? It’s an episode to listen to with your eyes closed so make sure to get your blindfolds ready!

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