It’s time to visit another film we’ve covered before with our latest Best Picture Oscars review as we take another look at the epic movie that is Joker and make it even more interesting by making it a SPOILER review, as well as give all our predictions for the 2020 Oscars! Does this movie still hold up a few months later? Does talking about the ending make it easier to digest? How much of a lock is Joaquin Phoenix to win Best Actor? What spoilers can we talk about that helps us try and understand some of the themes more? Are we still amazed that this movie was made by Todd Phillips? Is it still as confronting as it was the first time we saw it? Can we make the connection that this movie really is connected to the DCEU? Is Joaquin Phoenix the best ever Joker that has ever been? How will our predictions go for all the categories this year? And how do we rank this year overall for the movies compared to the previous two years we have covered? There’s a lot to wrap up and close off so get into it and get entertained!


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