Do you love Survivor and other over the top reality competition shows? Then join us as we begin a brand new TV recap project from the very beginning as we begin our coverage of Total Drama Island the animated parody of all your favourite reality shows. How many reality TV characters can they perfectly replicate in a half hour cartoon? Is Chris McLean the perfect smarmy host? Which character do Jarrod and Rossi not care for that Colin loves from his first introduction? Which character might be considered a little too offensive of a stereotype 12 years later? Is the cockroach scene enough to recommend this premiere all on it’s own? Is the bird the real star of the show? If you’re a lifelong supporter of total drama then join us week after week as we relive all of your favourite moments. If you’re a blind Total Drama virgin then make your winners pick and come along for the ride as we relive every shocking challenge, alliance, blindside and bird wrapped in plastic gag from beginning to end.


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