Welcome to Christmas Movie Month…… or week…… meaning we only had time to cover one Christmas movie this year, so what better than Christmas with Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 1998 I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Does this movie start at a university despite everyone looking 12 years old? What are our thoughts on the big screen debut of Jessica Biel? Why are they holding exams on the last day before Christmas break? Why can only JTT make such an unlikable character so likable? Why is Colin so excited to talk about (or to) Adam LaVorgna? Why do we want more old ladies in this road trip movie? Is Adam LaVorgna a listener of our podcast? Why is it so hard to believe JTT has a Santa suit glued to his body? What wacky characters do we see too little of, just enough, and too much of during this brisk 90 minute movie? Is Eddie the slowest driver in America? Why is the Edelbrook Oktoberfest festival a nationwide broadcast on Christmas Eve? And can JTT giving his sweater size bring a tear to your eye on Christmas? It’s time to hit that download button and listen to us cover a forgotten Christmas movie that will either make you yammy on your keyboard or get into the spirit of donating vacuums and toasters to needy children. Merry Christmas JTT and Merry Christmas, Adam LaVorgna.


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