We have arrived at the one Star Wars film that everybody loves (except for maybe Mallory) in the form of The Empire Strikes Back in an episode that may be the most enjoyable episode we have ever done! Why do both Colin and Ben want to live in 1980 to experience this film for the first time? Did George Lucas really have not a lot to do this film like people say? Why doesn’t Luke stay in the cave after chopping off the Wampa’s arm? What lines of bad dialogue in this movie seemingly get a pass because they’re in this movie? What moments of this movie did Mallory fall asleep in? How epic is the asteroid scene and how epic is the music? Does the Millennium Falcon go in the anus of a giant asteroid creature? What t-shirts do the boys want to make from this movie? Why were all of the Star Wars movies based on the Jesus Cinematic Universe? How amazing is Yoda when we first meet him? Why is Ben dumb when it comes to remembering things? Why are the Rebels still waiting for Luke to show up? Has seeing Solo ruined watching this movie? Are the lines delivered by Yoda some of the best lines ever in movie history? Do we like dinosaur bounty hunter guy? Is Boba Fett overrated? Why does Obi Wan turn into a mime in this movie? Should Luke have brought some sand with him to Bespin? Is C3PO kind of useless in this movie? Is the Leia and Han scene just before Han gets frozen one of the best romantic scenes in movie history? Can we find a flaw in perhaps the greatest scene in movie history? And not that we need to ask this but just how incredible is this movie? So stop reading and get to downloading because you know you want to listen to this!

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