It’s the penultimate episode of Third Watch as we bring you our recap of the 21st episode of the 6th season, End Of Tour. What does have Yokas have to do with the live TV hostage situation? Should Manny have been blown to pieces when he got shot? Why the hell is random lieutenant a lieutenant when he is so bad at his job? Why the hell are the vampires so scared and run away and how the hell are we typing this sentence in an episode of Third Watch? Seriously, vampires? WHY?!?! WHY ARE THERE VAMPIRES??!?!? Do people get lots of phone calls on the 4th of the July? Why is there a guard outside Finney’s room in the hospital? How dumb is it to imply that Bosco would’ve shot Emily and why can’t we see the scene when he shoots Dante? Why do we have to have journalists once again painted as the worst people in the world? How is the Grace and Finney scene the most meh storyline we can think of? Why is Ben getting so angry in this episode? Why are there so many pointless mini cliffhangers that make this episode so bad? How do we come to the conclusion that Medical Investigation ruined Third Watch permanently? Why do we have such a terrible and random firefighter scene that is once again wasting the firefighters? How is the scene between Bosco and Yokas the last scene to wrap up their arc from the show and why is it so so so bad? Why do they have to go out of their way to make next weeks episode so obvious? Is the final cliffhanger worse than last week? And is Ben about to shock everyone where he ranks this episode overall? It’s one you won’t want to miss as we get ourselves prepped once again for the end of our favourite show!DownloadButton_thumb[2]

2 thoughts on “Third Watch Season 6, Episode 21 ‘End of Tour’ Recap

  1. This episode and the one before it were just one huge dumpster fire. Why the f*ck would vampires be on a show about cops? JUST WHY?!?! What higher up approved that mini arc?


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