Only three more episodes to go of Third Watch and today we bring you a look at the 20th episode of season 6, How Do You Spell Belief? Is this one of the weirdest episodes ever of Third Watch? Is it odd that so much happens all on the same day in the next few episodes? Why are we all over the shop too when it comes to talking about this episode? How does this episode once again waste the opportunity to show firefighters in a bigger capacity? How did Yokas not know that being a detective would have longer hours? How great is it to have Harris Yulin in Third Watch? Are there some old school elements to this episode? When does this episode ‘fall over a cliff’ when it comes to the quality of how good it is? How interesting does the Cruz character arc get in this episode? How great is the actor who plays Stephen? How terrible is the vampire stuff and why the hell are we back here? Is the scene with Grace and the priest just so odd and out of place? How deep is the scene between Yokas and Stephen and the photos and should it have been in another episode? And does this episode have the worst cliffhanger in the history of Third Watch? We’re so close to the end you can smell it so tune in!DownloadButton_thumb[2]


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