It’s time for another dose of Disney Star Wars as we move into the last of the anthology films in the franchise by looking closely at the 2016 smash hit Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Is it fair that this movie doesn’t get any of the backlash that Solo does? Is this movie as great as everyone makes it out to be? Why did Ben believe Felicity Huffman was in his movie? Why would dental plans fix all the shooting problems from the stormtroopers? How amazing is K2? Are we Mads about Mikkelsen again? How great is Ben Mendelsohn? Are we Tivik fans? Are we a little jarred by Tarkin and how he looks or are we blown away? Do Jyn and Cassian have any chemistry? How great is it to see Mustafar again? Is Darth Vader just James Bond in this film? What is the purpose of the guy in a watchtower with a scanner thing?  Why is Jyn in control of the final fight and why do the Rebels want to surrender so quickly? Who is the random guy pointing a laser gun in the tower on Yavin? How epic is the space battle above Scarif? How epic is the entire final 45 minutes of this movie? Is the Darth Vader scene one of the greatest scenes in the entire franchise? And does CGI Carrie Fisher look more amazing than it gets credit for? It’s another fun recap that will get you more into Star Wars than you already are! So get to listening!DownloadButton_thumb[2]_thumb

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