As we move into the final four weeks of Third Watch as we move into a memorable episode of the 19th episode of season 6, Welcome Home. Do we recognise the famous director of this episode? How did Holly get Carlos in the car for such a long road trip? Why are the firefighters absolutely ignored in this episode even though there is a fire? Does Ben dislike the religious elements in this episode or can he accept it for once? Was the meeting of Holly’s parents by Carlos based on any real life events from when Yvonne Jung and Anthony Ruivivar first met each others parents? Are we going really negative against Yokas in this episode all of a sudden? How great is the scene between Davis and Bosco? Do we appreciate Holly’s parents even though they aren’t exactly the most politically correct of people? Do we appreciate the Monroe and Davis storyline finally paying off? Were they really some nice dogs? What new Australian word does Ben teach Dorvell? Should there have been one more scene with Holly’s parents to bring a bit of extra closure to the storyline? And do we like the dancing at the end? It’s closer and closer to the end so get into it and listen to how it’ll all turn out!DownloadButton_thumb[2]

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