Well we covered all the films to get you excited for the latest Terminator movie but does the latest addition to the franchise live up to expectations? Or is it another wasted attempt? You’re about to find out in our SPOILER FREE review of Terminator: Dark Fate! Why is Colin still asleep after watching this movie? Can we attempt to not spoil anything major that happened? Is there anything new in this film at all? Is this is a disappointment to come from the likes of Tim Miller? What do we think of the new terminators? Is Linda Hamilton relevant at all? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger relevant at all? Is this movie relevant at all? How does this make Terminator Genisys look like a good film? Why are Ben and Colin divided over Mackenzie Davis? What scene can we praise incredibly highly? Why is everyone so bored throughout the film? How did this get an R rating? What did Colin’s nephew think? And why did we even bother watching this? Let’s get to it and get it over with.

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