You’ve survived the prequels and found out how awesome they are so now it’s time to get into the ‘story’ Star Wars movies by looking closer at the most recent of all the films, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Is this movie criminally underrated? Was this movie even necessary? Should it have killed off all the other ‘story’ movies that Disney had planned? Has our opinion changed on Alden Ehrenreich at all? Can Ben actually say Alden Ehrenerich’s name properly for once? Why does this movie not escape it’s production criticism unlike Rogue One? Is ‘moof milker’ too racist to mention on air? Do we love the introduction of Han and Chewbacca? Why does this movie introduce the Empire in a better way then any other movie? How great is Thandie Newton and is she wasted in this movie? How great is Paul Bettany? Which side of the bed would Colin get into if he caught Jamie with Paul Bettany and Jimmy Smits? Do we like Donald Glover as Lando or is he a tad overrated? Is L3 the worst character in the history of Star Wars? How great is Clint Howard in this movie? Is the coaxium stealing sequence just a little too easy for our heroes? Is the Kessel Run scene incredibly underrated in how awesome it is? Are there some very underrated lines in this movie that need more credit? Do we like the closing scenes in this movie even though they don’t have a whole lot of action? Do we appreciate that Han shoots first at the end? And how incredible still is that Darth Maul cameo? There’s a lot to get to and a lot to decode in a shorter episode than you’re used to in the last few weeks so get to it and get entertained!

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