Another episode of Third Watch is coming your way today as we get ever closer to the end of the show by looking at the 18th episode of the 6th season, Too Little, Too Late. How good is this episode compared to what we’ve had recently? Is this episode appropriately titled? Are we excited to hear about Heather Morris from Glee in this episode? Who is the overall star in this episode? How great is Monroe finally? Why does Cruz hate Finney? Should there be more of a setup for Davis and Finney wanting to get into anti-crime? Is subtle obviousness a thing? Is this Monroe’s best episode? Do we like the scene in the welfare episode? Which actress makes an reappearance from season one? How sad is the Cruz scene after the doctors and how is it not cheesy? How does Ben get himself into trouble this episode? How shocking is it when Monroe gets shot? How bad of a cop does Davis come across in this episode? Is the Yokas stuff very random in this episode? How great is the scene between Bosco and Yokas? And do we end this episode with a good or bad montage? It’s a decent episode to get into so get listening!DownloadButton_thumb[2]

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