It’s time to bring you a special ‘backdoor pilot’ for our brand new spin-off show Australian Survivor Archives as we re-enter the world of Survivor interviews once more with a chat with Australian Survivor season 2 contestant Amber Petty! How excited are we to bring back a new full length interviews? Why is Ben excited to have a new co-host in Matt Dyson? When was the last time Amber talked about her time on the show? Which famous tennis player pulled out last minute and was replaced by Amber? Why did the decision to go on the show change her life for the better? How difficult was it to be stranded at camp with Elton, David and Justin? Was she upset to be voted out? And why does she believe her season needs to get more respect and be acknowledged by the Australian Survivor fan community? It’s a great chat with a lot of great insight that we know will get you excited for our brand new project, so get to listening!DownloadButton_thumb[2]_thumb


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