The latest Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker trailer has dropped and we’re back to analyse everything about it in our latest episode to get you in the mood for the biggest film of the year! What did we think of the trailer? Did we wish it showed more? How excited to see a battle droid in the background of one shot? Do we feel that this movie will be good or has The Last Jedi ruined any chance of that? Does the music make us want to cry because it’s so good? Will we be visiting some familiar planets this time around for the first time in the sequel trilogy? Are we excited for The Emperor or a bit over a him? How great is the shot with all the rebel ships? What other shot is getting us really excited? And will this movie redeem everything that we have had an issue with so far with the sequel trilogy? Take one last look at your friends as you listen to another episode that will make us your friends!


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