It’s our chance now to look at the second part of the Third Watch/Medical Investigation crossover by recapping the 17th episode of the 1st (and only) season of that medical show that nobody remembers, Medical Investigation. Is it clear to see why this show never worked and was cancelled after 20 episodes? Just how bad is this episode? Why do the Third Watch actors come across as really bad in this episode? Why is Ben getting so angry in this episode? Do we have a dirty kid sighting in this episode? Why doesn’t Holly ever go into the room when she might have the disease? Why do the writers of this episode destroy some character traits of the Third Watch characters in this episode? How can people ignore that this disease is still being spread across New York at the end of this episode? And really, why was this crossover a thing? It’s one that we want to forget about so try and listen and get it out of the way.DownloadButton_thumb[2]

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