It’s time to have some Revelations as we look at the Third Watch episode of the same name in our recap of the 15th episode of season 6. Is this an improvement from last weeks episode? Are we excited to see Helen Mirren? Are we even more excited to have a full blown Grace episode? Is Dorvell learning new words from Ben again? Are we fascinated by the Grace the storyline and do we wish there was more to explore? Which special guest do we get to make an appearance on our episode? How amazing is Cara Buono and why is it time to finally give her acting some credit? Why is the storyline with Cruz so far fetched but so amazing? Are Cruz and Manny friends? Is the scene between Yokas and Bosco top 5 worth and why does it make Ben so angry when it comes to this kind of being the final great scene between the two of them? And did Ben and Dorvell have any revelations in this episode? It’s time to stop reading and start listening!DownloadButton6_thumb_thumb_thumb_th[1]

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