Get yourself Lost once more as we recap another episode of your favourite TV show by looking at Cabin Fever, the 11th episode of the 4th season! Is it great to have a Locke episode for the first time this season? Do we like seeing baby Locke? How great is it to get some more Richard Alpert? Why does the knife scene actually make more sense than you remember? Why don’t we like teenage Locke? Does Ben remember Portland? Why can’t Korean students be Matthew Fox? What the hell is the deal with Claire just randomly showing up in the cabin? How incredible is the scene with Ben and Hurley sitting at the camp fire? Why is Keamy so great? Do we feel bad for Michael? How sad are we to see Grant Bowler die? And how excited are we to get into the final three episodes? Another fun episode and another fun time to listen!DownloadButton_thumb[2]_thumb

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