It’s been a while since we’ve done a spoiler free review but we are back to bring you another one today with our review on the very unique and interesting movie Joker. How amazing is Joaquin Phoenix and why should he be a lock for an Oscar? How is this film incredibly polarising between Mallory and Ben? Why is this a movie that will stay with you forever? How incredible does this film look? Can you watch this movie without having any knowledge of Batman or the comics in general? Is this movie rated correctly or should it have a higher rating due to how disturbing it is? Why did Mallory want to walk out a few times? Why are shirtless men not a good thing for once here? How great are the supporting cast even though they aren’t that present in the film? Where does Joaquin Phoenix rank out of all the other actors to have played the Joker? And where does this movie rate compared to all the other 2019 movies so far? You know the deal! Listen in and be entertained!

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