It’s time to move into our second week of our look back at all the Terminator films by recapping arguably one of the greatest action movies and sequels of all time, the 1991 blockbuster that is Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Why are we so into James Cameron apparently? Is this episode going to take about 5 hours? Can we find anything bad to say about this film? Were Ben & Colin too young when they first saw this movie? Why is Rene Russo so awesome and so relevant to this episode all of a sudden? Why was Linda Hamilton not nominated for an Oscar for her work in this film? How does she look younger than she did in the first Terminator? Why should every evil person lick faces to make them more evil? Did kids in 1991 want to inject everyone with bleach? Does Sarah believe Arnie a little too quickly when he comes to the hospital or is it fitting with her character after the first movie? Why does Arnie not know what crying is when he knows everything about human anatomy? Why is Colin still laughing at people burning? Did Ryan Gosling watch this movie and getting facial acting advice from Robert Patrick as the T1000? Why will this episode probably kill Sean Connery? Is killing Dyson the smartest option? And how much do we cry at the end of the film in the most positive suicide scene in movie history? Get yourself strapped and loaded for one epic podcast of such an epic movie!DownloadButton64244

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