Another week of Third Watch excitement to come your way today as we move into the 14th episode of the 6th season with a closer look at The Kitchen Sink. Why does Ben have the perfect opening line in this episode? Will this be the first episode Dorvell and Ben are completely on opposite ends of the opinion spectrum? Did we come up with a great idea for future episodes? Why does Ben hate kids so much? Is the whispering too much in this episode? Is there a level of sympathy for the dad in this episode? Should Emma at the hospital go through her guidebook a bit when it comes to giving out addresses over phone calls? How is this episode so out of date with a reference to a PDA? Why should David Caruso be in this episode and deliver a cheesy one liner while putting on his sunglasses? Why is Ben so angry in this episode? Is the pregnancy stuff just incredibly cheesy? And why does Ben try and make out that Dorvell is right and he is wrong? It’s an episode that is another entertaining one to listen to so get it into your ears!DownloadButton6_thumb_thumb_thumb_th[1]

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