For week three of our Random Rewatch tribute to the great Jonathan Taylor Thomas we move on to his 2013 reunion for former TV Dad Tim Allen on the season 3 episode of Last Man Standing. What was JTT up to for nearly a decade before reappearing in front of the camera as a character so polar opposite from his Home Improvement role? What was JTT doing on the set for months prior to taking on this guest role? Why does he play such a big role for the first half of the episode only to have the love triangle take a back seat for the second half? Why are audiences rubbed the wrong way by Ryan, and why are they all wrong about him? Why does the Outdoorman Vlog miss in this episode? How can anyone not be appaled by Kristen leaving the house in THOSE shoes? Everyone needs to come out of the closet, and we mean come out of the literal closet they’re locked in to hear this week’s look at the later years of JTT and Tim Allen.


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