It’s time to get nostalgic and also prove Third Watch is still capable of an outstanding episode in its 6th season as we look at the 11th episode of the season, Forever Blue. How great is the casting of the younger actors in this episode? Is it great to find a great episode of Third Watch again in such a mediocre season? Are we recapping an episode of Lost with the flashbacks this week? Is there a big plot hole in this episode based on Sully’s past? Can we appreciate the Monroe scene where she stands up for herself working for IAB? Is the race card being played correctly this episode? Is this episode just a long tribute to Cold Case? Do we like the young actors who merge into the older actors? #WheresMaggie in all of this? Was it ever specified how many sisters Davis had? Do we appreciate the episode 1 connections they have with some of the dialogue in this episode? And how great is Charles Haid in this episode despite how much we hate his character? It’s a great episode and one that was needed so tune in and get entertained!


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