The Random Rewatch returns, and we’re dedicating an entire month to the 90s child/teen star Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Kicking it off we bring you a random movie recap of the 1997 forgotten film Wild America. What made JTT so like-able during the 90s? Can Rossi’s negative opinion of this be swayed? How was Ben almost named Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Why is Colin ashamed to admit Scott Bairstow is from his home province? Is the Dad a misunderstood character or an all around jerk? Why are we reading too deep into the owl Leona? What’s with all the bad editing every time something dramatic happens? Do the occasional fart jokes ruin what should be a dramatic story? Which animals look great and which ones look like guys in animal suits? How does she handle? Who is My-Judd? If you don’t love JTT you can kiss our butts one cheek at a time, but only after downloading this random recap to kick off JTT month.


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