It’s that time of the week to get Lost as we move into the 7th episode of the 4th season, Ji Yeon. Is this episode just fine? Why do we care about Jin finding a giant panda for a random Chinese man? Why does Hurley give a weird smirk to Sun in the hotel? Are we crying when Jin’s grave is shown? Why is Kate so random this season? Do we all want to pass Jin the cereal? Should Jin know as much English as he does? Is Juliet the pot calling the kettle black? How great is the character development between Sun and Jin this episode? How excited are we to FINALLY see Grant Bowler make his first appearance? Why is the captain so built up as evil but is basically just a cute little puppy dog? What is the deal with Regina? How funny is Gary Sweet? And how amazing is the surprise appearance of Michael? It’s another episode with some entertaining things to chat about, so download for the entertainment and stay for the Grant Bowler!


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