Penalties, penalties and more penalties! We’ll start off with one of the most talked about episodes of The Amazing Race Canada ever in Nanaimo, and we follow it up with an episode of next to no drama from Saskatoon. With Rossi out for the week due to a penalty, we’re rejoined by Jarrod who’s here for the first time all season to talk about hi 2 day binge of the season thus far? How amazing are Nanaimo bars? Are Butter Clams even real? Why are so many calls calling CHEATING for a move that we have literally seen done a million times on the Amazing Race before? Why are we such big fans of how all the penalties played out despite typically hating them? Why are we upset that the teams who didn’t take a penalty were allowed to skip an entire challenge? Why are we so underwhelmed by Saskatoon as a location? And is a gas station literally the biggest tourist attraction in town? It’s our latest recap of the season made up of vanilla, coconut, custard powder, icing sugar, topped off with a generous coating of hilarity.


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