It’s time to kick off our Australian Survivor season 6 coverage in style as Ben is joined by two season 5 contestants Matt Dyson and Anita Berkett to recap the first 8 episodes of the season so far! Have these first episodes of this season trumped the entirety of season 5? How entertaining has the season been so far? Can Anita explain why she voted Matt out? Why doesn’t Matt like E.T? How much do we miss Steven Bradbury? What does everyone think of David and can he last or is he playing too hard? What is the deal with Harry and why do we not know his position in this game? Do we appreciate Shaun and not just because he is so goddamn good looking? Where the hell is Simon Black? Can any of us pick a winner? And what listener questions will both Matt & Anita face at the end of the episode? It’s a great time that any Survivor fan will love so get listening!

One thought on “Australian Survivor Season 6, Episodes 1-8 Recap featuring Matt Dyson & Anita Berkett

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