Let’s learn why the NYPD have The Greatest Detectives in the World as we look at the 6th episode of the 6th season of Third Watch. Is this episode once again another long episode of Criminal Minds? Why is Yokas saying she hasn’t interrogated a prisoner before when she clearly has? Have we discovered a new saying in the term ‘full blown wackaloons’? How did Chris Elliott not get an Emmy nomination for this episode? Why didn’t they search a criminals pockets before questioning him? Does the Grace storyline feel disjointed considering this all was meant to happen on the same day as the last episode? Are the parents of the missing girl just terrible? Are we glad or annoyed to have CT Finney back in this episode? Is bringing the mother in to talk to Chris Elliott a little too much? What does Dorvell want to say each week until something happens? How great is the twist in solving the crime that makes us all say daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn? And how bad is the cliffhanger at the end of the episode? Tick away and listen away!


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