It’s another week of Third Watch recaps as we look at the 5th episode of the 6th season The Hunter, Hunted. How is a body able to be dumped in the trash right outside of the precinct without being caught? Do we like Cruz and Yokas standing up to Miller the way they do? Did Miller actually lie? How much is Yokas like a fish to water with her detective role? Is the Grace and Finney stuff a little too on the nose? On the flipside, how amazing is the Holly and Carlos stuff? Who are the random crime scene investigators and do we feel sorry for them? Is Josh Stewart a robot? How do we discover a fetish of Grace in this episode? How funny is the firehouse scene? Are we still getting sick of the whole ‘there’s a rat in the house’ storyline? Is the whole paramedic getting held hostage thing random or do we like it? Why is Ben making random guesses about how this show was written? How stupid is the girl for going to the van with puppies? And do we actually appreciate the ending for once? It’s an interesting one to listen to so get to it!


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