Our penultimate live action Disney month movie is here as we take a closer look at the Jon Favreau penned “re-imagining” of the classic that is The Jungle Book from 2016. Is this finally a movie that we are enjoying? Does Mallory actually remember anything about this film from the past? Just where is this magical jungle meant to be? Do we appreciate the acting ability of Neel Sethi? Can we remember any of the character names in this film? Is Ben Kingsley’s greatest ever role playing the villain in Thunderbirds? Does the voice acting work better than it did a week ago in Beauty and the Beast? Do we finally have a villain that is actually villainous? Are the special effects slightly overrated? Does the use of the songs work this time around? How amazing is Christopher Walken? Does Mallory know who Bill Murray is? And what is the deal with Disney always having to kill off villains by making them fall from a great height? It’s all wrapped up in a tight little bow as we bring you all of the bare necessities in one podcast!


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