Another week, another moment to find yourself Lost as we move into the 2nd episode of the 4th season and recap Confirmed Dead. Why did Matthew Fox seemingly have an influence over the ghost storylines all of a sudden appearing in Lost? Do we appreciate the flashbacks in this episode even though they are short and sweet? How great is Lapidus? How amazing does the Tunisian landscape look? Why do news services in the Lost universe show graphic dead bodies on their nightly news bulletins? Is Kate particularly annoying in this episode? Why are there so many potential Star Wars references in this episode? How great is Lapidus? Why would Locke be a bad journalist? Would Ben have some brain damage based on all the beatings he has had lately? Why is Naomi a fan of Al Gore? Where has Vincent been all this time? And seriously, how great is Lapidus? It’s a great episode so get into listening to find out just how great!


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