Well after last week it’s perhaps surprising to see us back for another episode during Disney live action month, but we are and here to look at the 2017 blockbuster smash that is Beauty and the Beast. Why are we making this episode so quick? Why are we regretting doing this month? Is this movie the Manitoba of movies? Can we get the #ShrekDidItBetter hashtag trending? Why is this film shot so dark? Is the witch hobo woman the real villain of this film? How great is Kevin Kline? Should Kevin Kline be the love interest in this film? Is this film just a long dark look at Stockholm Syndrome? What is that Gaston song? How great is Josh Gad? Why are there so many American and English people in this small French village? Are the celebrity voice actors in this film good or bad? Should there be an alternative theory to this film that Belle is just a tad crazy? And why does this movie exist? It’s another fun episode that you need to listen to! So listen!


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