We’re back for another week of Third Watch recaps as we enter the final season by looking at the premiere episode More Monsters. Why does this season have such a different tone week to week? Do we like the additional scenes at the beginning that we didn’t see in the finale last season? How much do we miss Bosco already? Is the opening shoot out still so cartoonish? How great is Jelly? How did Grace not hear all the gun shots? Why is the Monroe and Davis scene so cringe worthy? Even though some of the shooting stuff is very over the top, how great is the acting? How believable is Molly Price’s crying? Can we compare it to Kim Raver’s goat crying? How great is it to have more Cruz development this episode? Can Ben remember Dr Hickman’s name for once? Why isn’t Bosco’s dad at the hospital to see his son or ex-wife? Are we still saying Grace is ‘meh’ or is she improving? How great is the scene with Yokas and Bosco’s mother? Why do we not care about Yoshi? How great is the final scene with Kim so great and why will we miss Kim so much? And how great is the final scene even though it is a really cheesy montage? It’s time to get yourself into season 6 and find some form of excitement in it!


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