Well it’s another week of our Lost coverage as we take a step closer to the end with the first episode of the 4th season, The Beginning Of The End. Is this a weak premiere or is it still really good? Are the flashforwards just really getting us motivated for more to come this season? How big of a tone shift do we feel in this episode? Why don’t they shoot Hurley when he runs? Why does dead Charlie have a shaved head in the afterlife? How great is Matthew Abaddon? How mysterious is the whole ‘Oceanic 6’ plot? How is Naomi able to do so much when she is about to die? How great is the subtle character development of Sawyer in this episode? How come Jack shooting Locke isn’t a bigger deal? Is Hurley the star of this episode? And are we excited to meet Daniel Faraday? There’s a lot to digest so get to listening and try and get started!


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